Dr. Reza (Russ) M. Pirasteh

After 30+ years of working in and studying various organization of every type and size, I have found the formula for success and profitablity that can lead dedicated organizations from “good” to “great”.”

Dr. Reza (Russ) M. Pirasteh is founder of iTLS-ISO Group®. He has held executive, staff, and line positions and has over 30 years of solid experience in implementation of continuous improvement systems in manufacturing and transac- tional environments. He has earned a Ph.D. in Engineering, an MBA in Industrial Management, a BS in Industrial Engineering, and a PMP (PMI). He is also a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and a Certified Lean Master. He has formulated iTLS™® to fill the gaps among CPI methodologies he has experienced.  

Dr. Pirasteh has published numerous publications and provided lectures for Weber University, Ohio State University, University of Texas at Arlington, St. Mary’s University, Cal State University (Channel Island), APICS, Industry Week and IIE organizations. He is a member of APICS,  ASQ, IIE and PMI.

Dr. Pirasteh is the recipient of the “Fox Award” for outstanding innovation and creation of iTLS system. This award has been received by legends such as Steven Covey and Peter Senge. 

Dr. Reza (Russ) M. Pirasteh
Founder | Author | iTLS-ISO™ Group®


  • Project Management Professional (PMP) – (Project Management Institute, PMI)

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB)

  • Certified Lean MARI Instructor and Implementation Leadership (CLM)

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (BB)

  • Member of Board of Directors for Robert E. Fox CPI Excellence Award – Weber University (Current)

  • SMU Judge for annual Dallas Regional Science and Engineering fair (DRSEF) – (2004 to present)

  • Member of Board of Advisory Directors for Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center – UTA (2002)

  • American Society for Quality Control (ASQC). Certified Quality Technician (CQT)

  • Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE). Former Chairman of Community Affairs – IIE, Dallas, TX

  • Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE). Junior Achievement Program – IIE, Dallas, TX

Training and Development Profitabilty Improvement

Increase Production, Improve Quality, Profitability, Reduce Delivery Cycle Times with a Logic-Driven and Systemic Approach

Coaching & Project Management

Eliminate Waist, Simplifying Complex Processes, Reduce Implementation Cycle TImes, Increase Throughput, Minimize Risks, Optimize Profitability

Supply Chain Management Risk Management

Set up / Start-Up Supply Chain - Manage & Control Supply Chain - From Qualification to Operations

We Get Noticed


  • Author – “Profitability With No Boundaries – iTLSBOK: iTLS Body Of Knowledge – Practicionair Guide” 2014.

  • Author – “Profitability With No Boundaries – Executive & Leadership Summary” – 2014

  • Author – “The Synergy Of Continuous Process Improvement” – IIE – 2013

  • Received life-time Fox Innovation Award for creation of iTLS – Weber University, UT- 2012

  • Presenter – “Which Continuous Improvement Methodology Should I Choose? iTLS Story” – Live Webinar, IIE – June 2012

  • Recipient of CPI life-time Innovation Achievement award – Weber University, UT, 2012

  • Keynote Speaker at IIE world Conference – “iTLS Trio model”  Atlanta, GA, 2011

  • Keynote Speaker at APICS/CAL State Conference – “iTLS Application”  San Fernando Valley, CA 2011

  • Author – “Profitability With No Boundaries – Optimizing TOC, Lean, Six Sigma” – ASQ – 2010

  • Author – “Integration of Lean, Six Sigma & TOC Improves Performance” – Industry Week – April 2010

  • Keynote Speaker at Ohio State University LeanJobShop Conference – Columbus, OH – September 2009

  • Presenter – “TLS Optimization for Inventory Management” – live Webinar, APICS, 2009

  • Author – “Many Sides of TLS” – APICS, 2009

  • Keynote Speaker at TOC-ICO Conference – “TLS Trio model”  Las Vegas, NV, 2007

  • Keynote Speaker at CPI Symposium sponsored by Weber State University – “TLS model”, UT, 2007

  • Speaker at APICS annual conference – “TLS Continuous Process Improvement” – FL, 2006

  • Author – ”Continuous Improvement Trio” – APICS, 2006

  • Author – “Squeezing The Most Out Of Continuous Improvement” – APICS, 2006

  • Author and speaker – “Application of Continuous Improvement Tools”- Applied Manufacturing Conference, 2003

  • Author and speaker – ”Integration of Synchronous Manufacturing and Application of TOC” (APICS) – Constraint Management Symposium), 1998