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NEW! Third Edition. Optimizing TOC, Lean, Six Sigma Results

Profitability with No Boundaries:

Optimizing TOC, Lean, Six Sigma Results - The Executive Edition and Leadership Summary​

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Organizations Applying iTLS, have been reporting 4-15X improvement In Profitability, Quality, Business Velocity, and Customer Satisfaction.

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"Russ, I received a leadership award this week and I wanted to let you know that when I reflected on how I got to this point in my career that your name and mentorship came to mind. I wouldn't be who I am today without the lessons I learned from you. Thank you for sharing your passion with me."
Greg Butler
Global Quality Leader | GE Pressure Control
“I would like to comment you that I developed your model based in your book in a case study. I presented in a congress in Canada. I want to send the link that you can see the article. I´m very proud to make continue your thesis.”
Carlos Navarro
"Hello Dr Pirasteh, I admire your work, and I often speak of you and your material with Martin Nazareth. I would like to make a direct connection. I would also like to mention an observation from one of your newer books. Larry Graham, Six Sigma Quality Chair at Institute of Industrial Engineers"
Larry G.
"I HIGHLY recommend these books as a must read! I purchased a digital copy last year and can't wait for my new paperback."
James Anderson
Quality and Engineering Manager | Certified Black Belt